Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Halloween socks as part of our costume

It’s only the month of July and I’m already starting to think about what I want to be for Halloween this year. Halloween is a holiday where you can be somebody or something else for an entire night. Halloween costumes can be scary, kooky, funny or just plain crazy! And it’s not just a holiday for kids anymore...more and more adults are getting in on the ghoulish good times with adult only Halloween parties.

I have personally dressed up as an elf, a witch, a sock hop girl, and a football referee...just to name a few. I have put plenty of thought into each and every one of these costumes, all the way from my head down to my toes. And speaking of toes...socks can be an incredibly important accessory to any Halloween costume. Halloween socks can make the difference between a good costume or a great one!

The possibilities for Halloween socks to compliment your costume are endless. Black and white striped socks for the football or basketball referee...rainbow colored socks for the whimsical clown... fancy anklets for the girl in the poodle and white thigh highs for the flirtatious Snow White costume...the list can go on and on! Socks can put the finishing touch on any Halloween costume.

Whether you are looking for knee high stockings for a saucy French maid outfit or white lace socks to fit into your ruby red slippers, Halloween socks are a great addition to complete the look of any costume!

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